About the client

The client is an IT Services company based in India looking to expand its customer base in the US Region. The company employs more than 160 professionals. It had made limited forays into linkedin. The previous scope of linkedin was limited to employee branding and recruitment. Sales & Marketing focus was sporadic.

Our Hunting Focus:

  • Explore LinkedIn as a sales channel using social selling techniques

Challenges Faced:

  • Past marketing activities such as blogs and content had ceased
  • LinkedIn profiles of leadership team & sales required drastic improvements
  • Despite having over 4500+ followers on LinkedIn, the understanding of ICP fit amongst these followers was missing
  • LinkedIn activity was limited to sporadic posts that was mostly appreciated by employees
  • Lack of confidence and faith that social selling can really work for them

How we collaborated to win:

  • Required a complete revisit of the LinkedIn sales activities, LinkedIn communications strategy and marketing outreach activities
  • Identified two specific streams of activities - Content Driven to trigger prospective engagement (PULL) and cold outreach driven (PUSH)
  • Integrated LinkedIn Sales Navigator Inmails/ messaging outreach with social selling to focus on conversations with prospects rather than hard sell pitches
  • All sales actions over linkedin had a clear marketing integration with respect to content promotion - Blog posts, Thought Leadership articles, Carousel stories, Prospect Polls
  • Extensive research around prospect company profiles and key personas was driven to ensure every communication was personalized
  • Conducted Network analysis to assess and find the ICP fit count within the existing network of 4500 followers
  • Sales outreach via social selling on ICP resulted in a substantial increase of ICP network count

Spoils of our hunt:

  • Sales and marketing silos eliminated
  • Structured Social Selling process implemented within the sales organization
  • Over 61,000 Impressions with more than 5% increase in engagement rates on LinkedIn Posts in 1st 45 days of campaign
  • 200-250 Profile Views from ICP Prospects every month
  • 100-120 ICP connections added every month
  • Marketing Qualified Leads increased by 30%

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