About the client

The client is an IoT specialized solutions company based in India. The company focussed on the discrete manufacturing & automotive vertical and wanted to explore sales outreach in the US market. Prior to its GTM, it was critical to define a clear Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) criteria and relevant messaging that could be tested.

Our Hunting Focus:

  • Create & Identify the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)
  • Craft effective Sales copywriting messages that help differentiate

Challenges Faced:

  • Customer Segmentation was focussed only on regional & vertical views
  • Understanding of the pain points, challenges of end customer was vague
  • Clarity on Key Personas, unique messaging & sales copywriting was absent
  • Needed to find the link between the value proposition and customer pain points
  • Value & Business impact delivered to past clients was not codified
  • Needed to build a strong client success claim that can be marketed effectively

How we collaborated to win:

  • In depth study of past customer engagements and use cases
  • Refined Ideal Customer Profile to include qualitative parameters like IoT adoption, Smart Factories initiatives, failed pilots, Digital investments.
  • Key Persona definition to identify and map relevant right party contacts within the prospect organizations
  • Captured organizational insights of past/ existing customers and value through detailed surveys/ questionnaires
  • Collaborated and brainstormed via C-level workshops
  • Market research on Industry trends, challenges, competitors & peer messaging
  • Defined a specific persona based messaging framework categorized across maturity levels of customer IoT adoption
  • Created unique sales copywriting messages based on the key persona and ICP profile maturity

Spoils of our hunt:

  • Creation of Value Themes
  • Revamped Website to reflect enhanced messaging
  • Revamped Sales Collaterals for GTM outreach
  • Sales Copywriting Templates that aligned to customer pain points
  • Digital outbound GTM configured & Set up for execution

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