About the client

The client is an IT Services company based in India looking to expand its customer base in foreign markets. The company had close to 125+ employees and had sporadic success in foreign markets prior to engaging Sales Panther.

Our Hunting Focus:

  • Expand into foreign markets with structured outbound

Challenges Faced:

  • Past pursuits had resulted sporadic results
  • Sales Resources were understaffed and underskilled to deliver on GTM expansion
  • Inadequate investments in digital sales methodologies and tools
  • Customer Segmentation spread too thin

How we collaborated to win:

  • Helped identify "Ideal Customer Profile" using comprehensive qualitative & quantitative assessment techniques
  • Ramped up the sales team using Trait based hiring
  • Revised Sales processes & cadence based on GTM campaign needs
  • Automated sales tasks and actions using innovative sales tools
  • Messaging / outbound Copywriting enhanced to deliver stronger sales focus
  • Launch & executed outbound campaigns to pursue prospective customers
  • Integrated Marketing initiatives into sales campaigns

Spoils of our hunt:

  • 5 New Logos within 12 months of GTM
  • Revenue impact: $250K from new business within 10 months of GTM
  • Revamped Sales Engine
  • Sales pipeline impact: 4X new deals added

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