About the client

The client is an Product Development company based in India looking to expand and scale their direct sales team. The company had made limited investments in recruiting right sales talent. The existing sales resources reported directly into the founders.

Our Hunting Focus:

  • Build a strong and independent sales organization

Challenges Faced:

  • Founder was strained on bandwidth due to sales team management
  • Next line of sales associates had heavy dependence on Founder
  • Sales attrition & productivity of new hires was an issue
  • Incentivization & performance based variable pay was absent
  • Sales Cadences was linked to daily reviews

How we collaborated to win:

  • Assessed sales organization needs from a business perspective
  • Recommended right fit sales organization structure
  • Introduced trait based interviewing for sales recruitment
  • Conducted numerous interviews to find the right fit candidates
  • Established a sales org. & performance culture with revised compensation models
  • Setup a structured onboarding process for new hires
  • Coached & mentored new hires with a clear focus on time to productivity
  • Established a streamlined sales cadence and review process

Spoils of our hunt:

  • 66% of the Sales team achieved at least 100% annual quota
  • New hires delivered 3 new logos inside 6 months
  • Culture of Sales Excellence
  • Clarity of goals and execution focus for sales team
  • Freed Bandwidth of Founder

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