About the client

The client is an IT Services startup based in India with close to 50 employees. The founders were keen to initiate digital sales outreach and wanted guidance on the relevant sales tools. With over 10,000 tools to choose from, the founder-led sales team was keen to receive unbiased and expert insight, and wanted support to configure and set up their digital sales motion.

Our Hunting Focus:

  • Help build an effective SalesTech Stack

Challenges Faced:

  • Founder-led sales team had limited bandwidth to explore the multitude of options
  • Lack of knowledge of sales tools overall
  • Limited investment appetite on sales tools, including past failed investments

How we collaborated to win:

  • Understand constraints on time, budget & resources needed to execute Techstack
  • Evaluate existing investments already made
  • Shared an in depth analysis of relevant sales tools (more 50 tools analyzed) that covered Email Automation, List Building & CRM requirements of the client
  • Shared Top 3 recommendations on best fit tools based on completed analysis
  • Helped compare and assess the recommendations through trials & test runs
  • Evaluated tools on Adoption & ease of use, sales automation features & Value for money
  • Setup & configured selected tools for immediate activation

Spoils of our hunt:

  • Reduce evaluation time & time to selection by more than 3 weeks
  • Being a founder-led sales team, the assistance provided helped the founders focus on their core
  • Sales Automation helped drive digital outreach seamlessly

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